Formerly Pleasing Plumbing Ltd

Heating systems can be a continuous source of frustration for many householders, rooms never seem quite warm enough, other rooms get too warm, it has to get too cool to make the boiler come on, and then it gets too warm after the boiler has turned off. On top of that modern boilers  according to some, have a bit of an issue with reliability!

Integrated Heating Ltd has a track record of installing modern condensing boilers AND upgrading heating systems  at the same time, leaving you with a house that is comfortably warm, the boiler reliable and energy consumption minimised by technology not often found in UK houses.

Operating around Hampstead, Highgate, Camden and Kentish Town, Integrated Heating offers a personalised service to ensure that your new heating system matches your expectations as to what it should do, reliably and efficiently.

We count on 100s of satisfied customers who benefit from a proven technology that delivers comfort reliability and fuel efficiency, many of whom are happy to testify for our claims.

Weather compensated Vaillant, Viessmann, Atag, Broag boilers with Underfloor heating, unvented hot water systems installed and serviced throughout North London, using Opentherm and KNX control systems. 

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